At SpeakIndy:


We believe in teaching from joy

  • We observe and create an environment that allows each child to feel calm, safe and connected before teaching begins.

  • Our classroom is fun! Our students are given multiple sensory experiences from which they can choose throughout the day.

  • We take time to learn about our students before teaching and seek to understand before changing any behaviors.

  • We use intrinsic motivation and authentic connections with staff in our teaching procedures

We believe our students have the right to choose

  • We believe they are the experts on their own needs and we can learn from them.

  • We fill their day with positive choices and honor their right to choose. 

  • We follow their motivation and requests to teach skills in their preferred way.

We believe in supporting neurodivergence

  • We support your child in learning the skills needed to maneuver their environment to meet their needs.

  • We work alongside our students to target skills that will support them in being their own self-advocates.

  • We understand that autistics are frequently taught to mask in order to fit into a neurotypical classroom. We work to teach authenticity and a love for self.


Our services are on the cutting edge of ABA

  • We focus on antecedent interventions first before adding consequence interventions.

  • We only utilize evidence-based strategies that also honor the child’s rights, preferences, and unique needs.

  • We provide Trauma-Informed ABA practices in our classroom and in our individual support plans.