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ABA Programs


Ages: 3-6 2 weekly therapy hours This program is designed for young children, approximately 3-6 years old, recently diagnosed with Autism. The goal of the Balance program is to preempt the development of chronic and severe problem behavior in Autistic children while teaching communication, regulation and cooperation skills. Children may be reported to engage in high levels of uncooperative behavior and/or some disruptive behavior (e.g., tantrums), especially when they cannot have their way. We use a parent training model requiring two one-hour parent sessions weekly and twice daily at-home practice sessions.

Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment

Ages 3-8 8-12 weekly therapy hours PFA/ SBT is appropriate for learners aged 3-8 who engage in behaviors of moderate intensity that interfere with learning and would benefit from skills teaching in communication, regulation and cooperation. Learners will work with a BCBA/ RBT team moving through the steps of the skill-based treatment model that assures safety and dignity in a happy, relaxed and engaged learning environment.

(Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge)

Ages: 2-8 3-4 weekly therapy hours Learners, aged 2-8, will work 3-4 hours per week with an RBT learning problem solving, inferencing, perspective taking, and logical induction and deduction skills in a multi-sensory format with a BCBA overseeing 1-2 therapy hours. Learners have the opportunity to be problem solvers and teach their brain to create novel language relationships.

Program Philosophy:

 We believe in teaching from joy

  • We observe and create an environment that allows each child to feel calm, safe and connected before teaching begins

  • Our sessions are fun! We create individualized spaces supporting our learners to be happy, relaxed and engaged to learn new skills.

  • We take time to learn about our students before teaching and seek to understand before changing any behaviors

  • We use intrinsic motivation and authentic connections with staff in our teaching procedures

We believe our students have the right to choose

  • We honor our learners’ right to participate and withdraw from therapy

  • We fill their time with positive choices and honor their right to choose

We believe in supporting neurodivergence

  • We support your child in learning the skills needed to maneuver their environment to meet their needs

  • We work alongside our students to target skills that will support them in being their own self-advocates

  • We understand that autistics are frequently taught to mask in order to fit into a neurotypical classroom. We work to teach authenticity and a love for self.

Our services are on the cutting edge of ABA

  • We utilize evidence-based and Trauma-Informed ABA teaching strategies that honor the child’s rights, preferences, and unique needs

  • We target building flexible language and behavioral repertoires that will grow with the learner into new environments and throughout their life

  • We continue to dig into the science of ABA and strive to always grow and “do better”

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